Southside Youth Ministry

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You can pretend to care…

but you can’t pretend to be there!

Southside Youth exists to:

  • REACH non-believing students
  • CONNECT them with other Christians, help them
  • GROW in their faith, and to challenge the growing to
  • SERVE and HONOR GOD with their lives.

Primarily a Relational Ministry

We disciple kids the way Jesus did: We share our lives with them. We build trusting, loving relationships with students through which the Holy Spirit can work in their lives.

Two Qualifications of Adult Leaders:

  • Love God – you are in a transforming friendship with Jesus Christ. What the Holy Spirit is doing in your life is your source of conviction.
  • Have a Heart for Students, including:
    • - A sincere belief that these kids absolutely need Jesus. And not just our students that we raise up in our church, but also ALL students in our community.
    • - A compassion and empathy for their place in life. In other words, you appreciate how cool, fun, painful, confusing, exciting and important our high school years are.


For more info about Youth Ministries, please contact: Ian Mutch

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